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Who is not Anthony Garcia?

First, important clarifications that he is not Anthony Garcia the Flamenco Guitarist, Anthony Garcia the retired New Zealand professional wrestler, nor Anthony Garcia the playwright and director.

His name, both given and family, are common. Very common.

The commonality of his name has had unfortunate consequences at the airport when traveling abroad; after some internet research it has been found that a suspect in a high profile terrorist plot is also named Anthony Garcia of Ilford, East London. He is a TERRORIST that was arrested in 2004. An unfortunate coincidence but typically ends up resulting in Anthony being extra-screened at US Customs.

However, there are other less serious impacts to his universal name and Anthony’s favorite is the fictitious and dramatic Mayor of Gotham City, from the Dark Knight movie. It was a surprise to him seeing his name across the Gotham City paper on a movie theater screen!

Who is Anthony Garcia?

Anthony at the Capitol

Anthony J. Garcia is a native of Valley Stream, NY.  He is a graduate of Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, and Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

Hailing from the East Coast, Anthony grew up as a digital native constantly around technology and fascinated at how technology brings us together, feeds our interests, and enables ideas. In 2011, he now resides on the West Coast, Northern California, beginning an exciting new chapter of his life that he has looked forward to for some time.

Working with Anthony

Anthony is a communication professional with broad marketing and digital strategy experience, encompassing, qualitative & quantitative research, strategic planning, interactive and creative outreach, media relations, public relations, and web development. He has delivered solid results for consulting clients on behalf of Booz Allen Hamilton, Phase One Consulting Group, and as a freelance consultant. Working closely with executive clients, Anthony’s takes a proactive and targeted approach to strategic communication, crafting effective messages, developing custom digital projects, and preparing businesses to leverage social strategies. In addition, Anthony keeps constant tabs on the evolving uses of the web and social media to compliment his traditional communication background.

Connecting with Anthony

As a social media enthusiast and strategist, which to Anthony means thinking of social media from a multitude of perspectives such as content delivery and consumption. He uses social media heavily in his daily life as well as potential strategies for clients to nail elusive business objectives. The one thing Anthony enjoys most about social media is that it brings a focus on human potential and creativity. According to Anthony, we are all interconnected bridges to another destination. Primarily, you can find Anthony on LinkedInFacebook, Twitter, and for his close friends, on Foursquare. Typically though if there is a social network with a mobile app, you can pretty sure bet to find him there too under his name or social media persona, AnthonyUp or Limitproof.

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Hobbies with Anthony

Anthony has a strong background in technology. Growing up around computers, he has built his own set-ups and customized both hardware and software on many others. Although he is not a programmer by skill he quickly picks up what he needs to know resourcefully, such as learning php in an afternoon to set up a basic web storefront. His recent interest is in the realm of silicon and mobile gadgetry. His growing embrace of the Android OS led to many inspired possibilities by a supportive developer community to tinker and expand his mobile device. (Read: Warranty killer.) Arriving in the SF Bay area was also motivated by the presence of amazing technology companies in the area. Anthony frequently is reading technology blogs and sharing the latest news on his social networks.

Aside from cooking, travel, and animals, another passion of Anthony’s is sports. He is a lifelong New York Yankees, New York Giants, New York Rangers, New York Knicks, Georgetown Hoyas, and Cornell Big Red fan. Anthony is extremely competitive in Fantasy Football, winning multiple championships among friends. Far from a passive fan, Anthony attends several sporting events a year and enjoys watching “the big game” out on the town rather than on the couch.

Blogging with Anthony

The About page is the only place on this blog where you will find Anthony writing in the third-person. He believes that many of his current and future visitors to this page are new connections and wanted to present a clear snapshot about himself. Currently, Anthony is not regularly writing content for his blog, yet, but posts of his interest and thoughts will come across in a first-person style. Topics may range from (but not limited to) career inspired questions, food, design, events, technology, and to, of course, social media.  Mainly, Anthony is inspired and thankful of several great bloggers he has come in contact with along his social and professional travels, to maintain his own blog and share his ideas.

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